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UV Disinfection Plant

Ultraviolet technology is a non-chemical approach to disinfection where nothing is added. This process is simple, inexpensive and requires very low maintenance.e
Ultraviolet rays are used to disinfect water by inactivating harmful microorganisms through damaging their nucleic acid. If not inactivated, bacteria will form colonies, viruses form plagues and protozoan cysts attack a host or tissue culture. These microorganisms cause gastroenteritis, bacillary dysentery, amoebic dysentery, hepatitis and much more.

In the normal treatment process, the water after passing thro Sediment Cartridge and Carbon Cartridge is sent into a disinfection unit (UV) for complete sterilization. UV Sterilizers are built on the germicidal property of UV Radiation at 2537 angstorm unit capable of destroying the DNA of bacteria, virus, algae, fungi and other microorganisms. These units are built with high efficiency UV lamps surrounded by quartz glass sleeves to isolate the bulbs from direct water contact. The quartz sleeves which are physically and chemically inert also ensure very high transmission of UV energy with lesser losses.

Flow range for the treatment is from 120 LPh to 10,000 0 LPH
Environmentally clean technology since no chemicals are required for the process
No known toxic or significant nontoxic by-products are formed during the process
Leaves no smell, taste or any other residual effects in the purified water
Requires relatively very little contact time
All pathogenic microorganisms are effectively inactivated
Removal of organic compounds / contaminants from the water
Apart from disinfection, UV is also used for reduction of TOC, Ozone destruction and Tertiary waste water treatment
User-friendly and simple operations
Minimal system maintenance requirements
Reduced Capital costs
Point-of-use system for domestic and customized requirements
Aircrafts, Boats and such other vehicles
Swimming pool and hot tubs
Farms, ranches & trailer parks
School and Hotels
Aquarium, hatcheries and nurseries
Brewery, winery, soft drinks, fruit drinks
Dairy Processing,
Pharmaceutical production
Laboratories, Hospitals and Clinics
Pathology labs and kidney dialysis
Cosmetic and electronic production
Pre-treatment and Post-treatment to packaged RO plants.

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